FRP Prefabricated Structure
Fibre Reinforced Plastic or FRP Prefabricated Structure, as the name suggest is made using composite FRP material. This type of structure finds use in both commercial and residential areas. From security to toilet cabins, FRP made prefabricated structures.
Prefabricated Structure
Prefabricated structure, as in its very name is made using prefabrication which means assembly of components in a company and transporting the components to a location where this structure is to be installed. Under these types of structures come cabin, bunk house and labor colony.
Ventilating Systems
Ambient air in the inside of the building of both industrial and residential is made because of Ventilating Systems. These systems perform the function of controlling indoor air quality and dehumidification. These systems are available in a variety of shapes and are installed on roofs.
PUF Panel
Shortened as PUF Panel, Polyurethane Foam Panel is amongst the longer serving panels which aids in speedy construction work. This type of panel come in pre painted galvanized sheet of steel and fascias. This panel is used for making freezer rooms, cold storage and banana maturing chambers.
PUF Insulated Cabins
Polyurethane Foam or PUF Insulated Cabins are portable and easy to deconstruct. These cabins are made using foam insulation which is produced by filling air by an insulating gas. Under the category of these cabins comes, insulated room and security cabin.
Cold Storage Room
Offered Cold Storage Rooms have been specially insulated with Rock Wool or EPS material. Storage space and height of these structures can be adjusted as per exact requirements of customers. Quick installation process and low installation charge are their main aspects.

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