FRP Prefabricated Structure

FRP Prefabricated Structure is one of the best solutions to space related issues. This type of structure is developed at manufacturing unit, but is assembled on site where it needs to be installed. This structure consumes less space for installation, is easy to place and simple to uninstall. Fiber Reinforced Plastic or Polymer is used for making prefabricated structure because it has a long life cycle, ability to resist fire, ultraviolet rays, smoke as well as corrosion and abrasion. Also FRP as a material requires very minimal maintenance, so a Fibre-reinforced Plastic Prefab Structure is very easy to maintain and a cost-effective solution for industrial and residential areas.

Key Factors:

  • Light in weight and strong FRP material is used for making prefabricated structure
  • Can be installed outside residential and commercial buildings
  • Security rooms, bunk house, construction site office and telephone booth, all are FRP prefabricated structures
  • High dialectic strength and impact resistance makes FRP a preferred choice for making structures.

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