Prefabricated Structure

Prefabricated Structure is gaining popularity in the Indian market because this type of construction doesn’t require much time and money, lasts as long as the structure is assembled tightly and cost very less when compared with conventional on-site structures. This type of structure is mostly used as cabin, bunk house, warehouse, living space, storage sheds etc. There are many materials which are used to make Prefabricated Structures such as FRP and fiberglass.     This type of construction is a best combination of cost and style. As per customers’ requirement, this structure can be custom designed and modified.

Key Factors:

  • Construction of this structure is made keeping relocations in mind
  • This structure proves valuable to businesses as this can be used as storage for materials
  • Less time is required to do this type of construction
  • In comparison to conventional structures, this structure requires less cost as investment.

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