PUF Panel

PUF Panel is an ideal wall panel which is also known as a sandwich panel because it has three layers of materials, upper and lower being galvanized steel sheets and middle being PU Foam. This panel is most suitable for making cold storages, freezing rooms, fruit ripening chamber and storage houses. Having these as applications is because of the reason that this panel is water proof. There are many features of this sandwich type panel like easy installation, excellent thermal performance and lightweight. These often come in pre-painted steel sheets. Poly Urethane Foam Panel which is shortened as PUF Panel is thick in comparison to the steel sheets.

Key Factors:

  • Long lasting value in the form of quality and speedy construction is offered by this panel
  • Various finishes are available in this panel
  • Having low thermal conductivity makes this panel high on energy saving
  • The lightweight attribute results in easy lifting and erecting at any height

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